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  • Tel Aviv Market Branch

Tel Aviv Market Branch

17 Ha’arba’a St., Tel Aviv. Operation hours: 12pm-12am, Sunday-Saturday

Minna Tomei lies at the beating urban heart of Tel Aviv as an escapist pearl that was designed according to the inspiration of the Eastern Asian markets. Come and you will be surprised to explore a full world of unique, accessible Asian dishes, prepared from the best possible raw materials while using traditional cooking methods.




  • Haifa Castra Branch

Haifa Castra Branch

Castra Center, 8 Flieman, Haifa Operation hours: Sunday-Wednesday 12pm-11pm | Thursday-Saturday 12pm - til the last customer.

Minna Tomei lies at the heart of the Haifa Castra artists district, offering a lively experience that merges the flavours and aromas of five beloved, colorful Asian kitchens.  Join us on a voyage of rich and surprising flavours.




  • Kiryat Bialik Kiryon Branch

Kiryat Bialik Kiryon Branch

192 Derech Akko St., Kiryat Bialik. Operation hours: Sunday-Saturday 12pm-12am.

The Kiryat Bialik Minna Tomei lies at the edge of the new shopping district of the Kiryon, offering the perfect Asian hosting experience.  Come in and join us on a culinary tour of flavours, colorfulness, aromas and authenticity of Eastern Asia: India, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Thailand.


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  • Ein Shemer Branch

Ein Shemer Branch

Operation hours: 12pm-12am, Sunday-Saturday



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