Asian kitchen


Minna Tomei - “All Transparent” in Japanese, is a unique Asian restaurant that has been specializing in Asian cuisine for over a decade. Minna Tomei is not just another restaurant but is also a recreational place, which gives one an experience with a sense of “a quick visit to the East”. Our goal is to turn the meal into a stylish, cross-continents’ and cross-cultures’ voyage, where clients can literally smell the product, engross in the colorfulness and give in to the delicacies of the Far East.
Minna Tomei’s cuisine is based on five kitchens, which draw their inspiration from five markets of the Far East that are so similar yet so different. Five markets that assemble the essence of the local culture and infuse in harmony flavours, aromas, colors, languages, customs, tunes, crowdedness and curiosity that consolidate into a unique and surprising Asian culinary experience.
We aspire to stay as loyal to the original dish as possible both in its flavour and in the way it is served. We are extremely meticulous when picking the raw materials and we never compromise. We use only fresh fish, aged meats and seasonal fruits and vegetables. This contributes to the creation of a dynamic, original and quality menu.

Minna Tomei